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  • 大連柏瑞德國際物流有限公司

    Dalian Bright International Logistics CO,.Ltd

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    Dalian is located in the southernmost part of the three eastern provinces of China, at 38°55 north latitude; it is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with beautiful scenery; there is no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer. With both the Jinshitan National Geopark and the long and romantic coastal trestle, it is a desirable tourist destination and an important cold-water seafood production area as well as a high-quality production area for cherries, strawberries and apples in China.

    Dalian is rich in educational resources, with 31 universities, including Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Northeast University of Finance and Economics, Dalian Medical University, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Dalian Ocean University.

    Dalian has a long coastline, a wide harbor, deep water, no silt and no freezing, and a natural harbor that is navigable in all seasons. It has four major natural deep-water harbors in China, such as Dayaowan Harbor, Dalian Harbor, Dalian Bay Harbor, Beiliang Harbor, and Yingkou Xingang Harbor, and other harbors. The depth of the waterway is -17.5 meters, which can navigate and dock 300,000 tons of ore ships and 500,000 tons of VLCC super tankers.

    Dayaowan Port is one of the four major natural deep-water ports in China and a bonded port area. It is the largest container transportation transshipment base in Northeast China. Containing: Phase I, Phase II and Phase III terminals, with a total throughput capacity of 16 million TEUs and a special terminal for import and export of automobiles. The total number of container routes has reached 178, and it has established maritime economic, trade and shipping relations with 300 ports in 160 countries and regions in the world. Container routes mainly include Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe, Vietnam and Thailand, Mediterranean Sea, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.S. East and U.S. West, etc., with Japan and South Korea routes accounting for more than 30% of the cargo volume.

    Dalian Bright International Logistics Co.,Ltd. was established in January 2006, since the first week of February 2006, the company has started the actual ocean freight booking operation. By July 2006, the company's LCL export volume to Japan jumped to the first place in Dalian's shipping export market. Starting from LCL service, the company specializes in import and export service to Japan and South Korea, and up to now, the company has kept the export volume to the basic port of Japan for more than 5 consecutive years, accounting for more than 6.5% of the overall market.

    The company adheres to the service concept of "Carrying the four seas, no shame in the trust", and takes "green, low carbon" as the development concept of the company's operation, we are dedicated to enhance the reputation and do a good job in every service link.

    Dalian Bright International Logistics Co.,Ltd. is the core booking agent of SITC, SINOTRANS, COSCO, SJJ, MCC, RuiYang Shipping, KMTC, ChangJin, MinSheng, NanXing, XingYa, etc. We serve the shipper and consignee, and keep the mutual benefit and win-win situation with every cooperative agent.

    We fully recognize our responsibility as a company and strive to provide high quality services that meet the needs of our customers. And we look forward to establishing a sustainable development of cooperative relations with potential peer forwarders, and hope to receive your full help and support, we are waiting for your presence in the beautiful Dalian.

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